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Brief about us

The Transcend is an Immersive Media Studio based in the foothills of the Shivalik Mountains in Chandigarh INDIA. We are a collective of Creative Thinkers, Technology Developers, Academics, Film Makers, Photographers, Artists, Computer Graphics and Immersive Media Innovators: By combining Immersive and Emerging Mediums like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Cross Realities, we are dedicated to exploring and extending the frontiers and intersections of Art, Technology, and Science and also consider ways these technologies can help create positive change in society. We focus on both developing our own in-house research projects collaborating with like minded individuals around the globe, and in working on client commissions.

Implement next level of Immersion

Need help in bringing your VR/AR/MR concept into true reality? Not sure where to even begin? The Transcend offers a variety of distinctive services to help you reach your Brand Experience Goals.

Strategy and Consulting

Our expertise and research in this next level of immersion combined with analytics will help you to figure out about how your brand should be more Experiential.

Virtual Reality

360/VR Videos, 360/VR post production, 360/Binaural Audio, 360/VR Live Streaming, 360/VR Apps or let us tell you the key ingredients for your Brand Experience.

Augmented Reality

From Interactive prints, customized AR application to Interactive cross world experiences, we have it all.

In house Development

The Cross Disciplinary approach of ours, enabled us to explore the new frontiers of Art, Science and Technology, which resulting in In-House Development by collaborating with best minds across the world.


Still confuse about how to get started? We analyze your brand and users engagement. Accordingly we will guide you through the distinctive path to take for your brand.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial digital photogrammetry, often used in topographical mapping, begins with digital photographs or video taken from a camera mounted at the bottom of a drone.

Our valuable client

Trsut we have build across diverse clientele, lets be part of our hood.


A kind VR experience Team Transcend has created for our International Travel event is marvellous, Incredible India Team is looking forward to have more experiences like this on board.

- D. Venkatesan

We never experienced the power of VR video and its impact, we relied on team and they created an exceptional journey of the MTB Himalaya.

- Hastpa

VR Video experience created by The Transcend is amazing, and now we are looking forward to explore more from across the multiple parameters of Immersive Media.

- Chandigarh Tourism

Its all about them

Ceo & Creative Director
Peter Steel
Chief Strategy Advisor
Ashan Preet
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Marine M.
Unity Developer
Sumeet B.
Lead Developer