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The Transcend is collaborating with Mr. Peter Steel, the company's Chief Strategy Advisor - Social Impact, in the development and deployment of 'KwyZe', an innovative social impact oriented Augmented Reality based mobile application, connected to his PhD research at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

  • Peter Steel
  • Social Impact
  • Design, Development, Research
  • Early 2018
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KwyZe is a way to use Augmented Reality technology and digital mobile communication devices, to create a tangible, interactive and ‘visible’ awareness platform, to help (re)sensitize the general public to some of the social issues that surround us and which have, to some degree, become normalized, by encouraging proactive citizen support to address the challenging daily issues facing the most vulnerable in society, in our communities - children and young people who live on the streets of our cities.

- Peter Steel / Chief Strategy Advisor

KwyZe aims to facilitate and enable concerned citizens around the developing (and developed) world, to generate, aggregate and capture critical real-time data about locations where children and young people congregate and live on the streets of cities, so that the exposed dynamic and measurable information can be used in various ways by NGOs, social agencies and government departments to ensure they are not forgotten and receive the support they need with regard to their health and well-being, education and pastoral care. KwyZe is currently in test phase in India and we anticipate it will be deployed in early 2018.

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KwyZe aims to mobilize concerned citizens in countries across the developing world and encourage them to stop turning away when they see distressing scenes of child poverty in their communities and instead, join together to make a positive change. KwyZe, is an attempt to make the 'Invisible' homeless children, who live on the streets of our cities 'Visible' to us all, so they can get the critical support they need for their health, well-being, education and pastoral care.
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