An Incredible India Journey

India is about Richness and its pure untouched form resides in the Built Heritage which dates back from 3000 B.C. to 18th Century A.D.

MTB Himalaya - Be There

The very first step to unlock the hidden paradise of adrenaline rush. Get set and dive into this Unforgettable journey.

MTB Himalaya - Feel It

Experience how this decade old 500 kms race unfolds and takes you through the Himalayan rush.

MTB Himalaya - Re Live

Virtually being there is the best phenomenon we have ever created, through this immersive video you are getting a chance to dive inside the race and be part of it.

Himalayan Music Festival

Only Trance music festival of India, experience it here.


Using Augmented Reality to address the daily challenging issues facing the most vulnerable in society.


Using Computer Vision and Aerial photography, we are developing a real capture system to further incorporate into CG or app environments.